In September 2021, the Piko Mobile will get back on the road for a second consecutive year and will visit several residences for the elderly. This friendly moving scene will move between residences to bring comfort and entertainment to our beautiful community. A total of 24 locations will be visited by the Piko Mobile this fall!

The goal of the project is to entertain residents, combat isolation and act in accordance with the MADA (Age-Friendly Municipality) approach.

A special thank you to Hydro Quebec which presents the Francophone musical moments performed by several local artists.

The ”Apprentis Aérostiers” tour continues its activities in 2021 for the young people of Saint- Jean-sur-Richelieu. The aim of the tour is to introduce the hot air balloon in all its aspects. Saint-Jean being recognized for its balloon region, the International wished to share this large part of its cultural heritage with both the young and the old.

This summer, a whole new initiative was explored: the visit of 11 day camps, with 60 to 200 children per stop. The “day camp” formula is different from what is normally presented in a school environment. It allowed greater flexibility and playfulness amongst the children, as its content was adapted according to its audience. The participating groups were divided by age group (5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-12 years) and the time of the activities was adjusted according to the concentration capacity of the young people.

By the end of the activity, children were able to understand the physical phenomenon that makes the aircraft rise in the air, better understand weather issues and learn more about the different parts of the hot air balloon.

The pleasure of sharing knowledge and demystifying the hot air balloon will continue this fall when visiting 10 more schools!

Thank you to our partner Formica who annually supports the tour that is as educational as it is inclusive.